Christine Jansen loves travel so much that she opened Heart of the Valley Travel in 1993. Every year her Appleton Travel Agency specializes in matching people’s interests to a personalized trip they will truly enjoy. Her consultants know what they’re talking about. After all, they’re also world travelers. We invite you to get to know our wonderful travel consultants, and contact us so we can get to know you.

In travel industry since: 1988
At Heart of the Valley since: 1993


Travel is such a wonderful way to reconnect with family & friends. The best part is the lasting memories you’ll have of what you saw, the things you did and experiencing this with them. We, at Heart of the Valley Travel, want to commit to listening to your personal expectations in creating that special trip.  Traveling to South Africa was an amazing experience for me;  from the city of Cape Town, to the safari in Kruger National Park to seeing a natural wonder of the world – Victoria Falls.  China was a unique experience.  Walking on the Great Wall has been one of the biggest highlights of my career.  We look forward to helping you explore the world.


“The best things in life are the people we love,
the places we’ve been and the memories we made along the way.”

Travel Consultant
In travel industry since: 1999
At Heart of the Valley since: 1999


Personally, I travel so I can explore the varied experiences of different countries.  I can equally enjoy sitting beachside for days, as well as being on a guided tour from city to city every day.  Each vacation is a new experience and comes with its own rewards.  I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel often and some of the destinations I have explored are Greece, Turkey, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, England, Costa Rica, Panama, Galapagos Islands, many cities in the U.S. and much of Mexico and the Caribbean.  Some future trips that I am planning to do are Alaska, Machu Picchu and European River Cruise.  Whether you want to travel as a single, with just your family or as a group – my favorite part is helping you plan out a new fantastic vacation that will create lifelong memories.

I’m planning on putting together some group tours that I’m able to escort. Watch our groups page for these upcoming trips!

Travel Consultant
In the travel industry since: 1986
At Heart of the Valley Travel since: 2005


I have many favorite places that I have traveled through the years, and have so many more that I aspire to see!  Cruising is something I enjoy and traveling to Mexico or the Caribbean and staying at an All Inclusive Resort to relax and unwind are wonderful travel experiences.  Traveling to Europe with all the history and uniqueness that each area has to offer is so interesting.  One of my favorite trips were to Rome, followed by a Mediterranean cruise that I took with my family.  It was the trip of a lifetime for us!  I hope I’ll have the pleasure of working with you to plan your trip of a lifetime or just that relaxing get-away.

Travel Consultant – Specializing in all Disney Destinations
At Heart of the Valley Travel since 2014


I have been planning Disney vacations since 2006 with more than 45 trips to the WORLD with my family. Over the years I have been on behind the scene tours and have so many onsite connections that will give you the insight in making your vacation magical. Choosing the right resort is as important as picking the dates to travel.  The seasons of Disney vary from month to month as expectations for each family vacation are unique. Let my personal experience, knowledge and connections help plan your next Disney Destination family adventure!

Travel Consultant
At Heart of the Valley Travel since: 2014


I love to travel! I have been to many All Inclusive resorts in Mexico & the Caribbean, and have also vacationed in many US locations, Florida, Arizona, Nashville and more.

If you were to ask me where my favorite destination is to travel, I would have to say Jamaica!  Having traveled there at least 19 times and have been to all areas, it really has become a special place!

I love seeing & learning about other countries and have plans to hit a few new destinations each year.

Let me help you plan your next  vacation!



Travel Consultant
In the travel industry since: 1991
At Heart of the Valley Travel since: 2000


I have many travel experiences that are my favorites.   Italy, Ireland, the Greek Isles, and Tahiti to name a few.   I LOVE to experience new cultures, and each destination brings a new adventure.   Traveling to Israel and Jordan along with experiencing two European River Cruises, has  given me a taste of different  cultures, all unique in their own way.  I also enjoy All-Inclusive Resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico for a more relaxing, laid back vacation.  It’s a great way to unwind, and perfect for friends and family to get-together and bring back with them, lots of good memories!

I’d LOVE to help you plan your trip, and give you and your family these same experiences!

Explore – Dream – Discover  ~Mark Twain

Travel Consultant
In the travel industry since: 2011
At Heart of the Valley Travel since: 2011


I have been traveling & living all over the world much of my life … Selling travel is how I share my excitement with others.  Besides helping plan individual trips, I have gone through training to become a certified tour guide!  Now, let me SHOW you the world!

Business Administrator
At Heart of the Valley Travel since: 2006


I have been the Business Administrator for Heart of the Valley Travel since 2006. My responsibility is to handle all the financial issues for the agency, making sure the cash flow works effectively and efficiently. I am grateful to be part of a business that helps people enjoy the pleasure of travel.

Administrative Assistant
At Heart of the Valley Travel since: 2018


We are excited to announce our new team member who started in September 2018 … Jen Volz will be your first contact when you call or stop in! Please give her a warm welcome.

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Established proudly in Darboy, USA since 1993 (before the internet). With dedication of time & focus on details we encourage travel … as a caring partner in planning. Our enthusiasm for travel benefits all who seek professional service, expert advise & peace of mind.  We engage our clients with connections to destinations that excite the imagination!